Monday, 8 December 2008

Fantstic Customer Service from Linuxemporium

Just had to blog about the fantastic customer service I've experienced from LinuxEmporium. I had to replace the wireless network card on one of our PCs, in the past I've had a lot of grief setting up Belkin cards to work on Linux, so this time I decided to get a known compatible card. LinuxEmporium offer cards that have tested with various Linux distributions. I ordered the card, which arrive promptly, but did not work. I emailed back some diagnostic information to LinuxEmporium and Quentin immediately mailed me back offering to replace the card and requesting that I return the faulty card. The next day a new card arrived along with the postage for return of the original card.

Any supplier can have a duff card in their stock, not many make it such a painless experience, I even got a thank you for returning the duff card. All in all I'd call that excellent service.

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