Sunday, 31 August 2008

StarShipSanatorium goes live

Tony, the host of the StarShipSofa podcast is giving something extra to those who make a regularly monthly donation to support the podcast. For these supporters he's providing access to a private feed for the StarShip Sanatorium.

Aside from all the usual StarShipSofa fayre, such as the regular weekly magazine with short stories, flash-fiction, poetry and related articles, or the weekend shows, Tony has started podcasting the StarShip Sanatorium as well.

Putting out two regular shows a week is enough to make anyone need a spell in the sanatorium. Tony's answer to this pressure seems to be to create another podcast. Whilst he was setting up the new feed Tony released the first three shows into the standard feed. So us regular Sofanaughts have had a taste of this madness.

The StarShip Sanatorium seems to me to be a form of Xtreme Podcasting, what he does is switch on his Zoom H4 recorder and make a podcast on the spur of the moment. A kind of stream of consiousness brain dump of stuff thats happening in his life. For most people I'm sure that this would be a recipe for a podcasting disaster (even the erudite Stephen Fry appears to script his podcasts), but somehow Tony pulls it off remaining entertaining and informative, whether driving home from work or walking the dogs.

If you're into sci-fi, then you should be listening to the StarShipSofa. If you are into the StarShipSofa you'll most probably want or maybe need the StarShip Sanatorium. And if you are into sci-fi you should also drop into the forum.

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