Friday, 29 August 2008

At least the maximum term is only 8 years

Listening to the now seemingly interminable US election news this morning on Radio 4, please make it stop before November, I don't think I can take more than 2 months of this. Though admittedly it was entertaining watching the Democrats tearing themselves apart over whether to back the scary lady or the first non-white nominee with a chance.

The election is not for two months yet so I was somewhat surprised to find that this Obama euphoria has seeped into my twitter feed already.

It does give a very different insight into the impact this man might make in the US than the rather dull coverage we're getting. These twitterers (probably not really a word that) are not usually political at all, but its seeping through.

Lets hope they don't get the same lost feeling about him as we did about Tony Blair. At least they can be sure he'll be out of the picture in 8 years time, which is something that might have worked out well in the UK.

BTW check out the Mythbusters video that's pointed out by Kreg Step (from Technorama). Painting the Monalisa with a paintball gun to demo the difference between a CPU and a GPU, (nice excuse for the big toy guys).

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