Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Bugcast - Well Chosen music and interesting chat

I've been listening to The Bugcast for a few months now, the show is a Combination of music with informal conversation, that include interaction with their IRC chatroom.

As part of my ongoing campaign to thank podcasters with an email, I sent an email of appreciation with a thanks. I mentioned that I'd prefer slightly more music and less chat, thinking that the comment would probably be lost in the mailbag. I seem to have caused a flurry of existential angst about the format of the show, which has caused them to issue special podcast to ask their audience opinion. Oops!

One thing that came to light from that episode is that they typically only get 55 downloads per episode. That's astonishing surely there should be more listeners.

Dave and Caroline do a great job and produce a quality podcast, go grab a show from their feed.

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